We’ve got kind on our minds – a Connection of Kindness 2019

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We’ve got kindness on our minds.

Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.” Maya Angelou.

Following the devastating terrorist attacks against two Christchurch mosques on the 15th March, we decided to re-form what we created in 2015 as ‘The Connection of Kindness’. This was an exercise to show that each voice counts, each person can do something – big or small, even just in their thinking – to contribute to more love in our precious world. Acts of compassion are happening across the world as a result of this terrible tragedy and we felt it massively important to join others in standing up for peace, acceptance, inclusion and love through the means of creativity and connection.

So, in the hope of paying it forward, we created a piece of content for social media which was also posted here, on our blog. The first 10 people who shared the post and quoted ‘We are one, they are us’ will receive a nice surprise from Incognito Artists when they least expect it, during the year.

Now for the big announcement…. (Drum roll please!)…

The 10 special people can now be announced for this year’s Incognito Artists Connection of Kindness.

Rachel Williams

Adelle Gordon

Wyatt Crockett

Wendy Cook

Beverley Martin Cole

Gabrielle McNaughten

Joanne Leslie

Tom Judy Sauders

Ann Stern

Ben Ward

We look forward to surprising you at some point during the next year. Thanks to others who replied and shared the love.

If everyone did just a small act of kindness every day, wouldn’t we live in a very different world? The happiness you feel in life is in direct proportion to the love you give.

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The Incognito Artists team.


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