Black Ties, Red Carpets, Green Rooms – and a legend!

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In this fast moving, highly disposable, youth centric world we live in, it’s pretty incredible how someone can hold on to the top job of Entertainment Editor of the highest rating breakfast TV show like “The Today Show” for 27 years.

The secret?  Richard Wilkins is just a great bloke who has only nice things to say about people and finds the good in everyone and everything.

I know it would be more fascinating in this tabloid-obsessed  world to say he is manipulative, cunning and has used the casting couch on many occasions… but none of this is true.

Driven, focussed, amazingly well-researched and charm personified – this is why all the world’s stars ask for him when they do interviews in Australia.  You name it,  whether it be Buble, Stewart, Springsteen, Katy Perry or Pink, even the young guys 1D ask for him.

It seems contrary to popular belief, sometimes the nice guys do win.  And get made an AM (Member of the Order of Australia) in 2014 to boot, thanks to years of service to the entertainment industry but also years of voluntary work for charity.

I was stoked when he did a piece on my new album, Live Love Sing! in his show and created such a thoughtful package when showcasing my story.

Yet more importantly, I was also stoked when we were just chilling together; sitting at his beautiful, family home, sharing a drink and a yarn (down under slang for a chat for those not in the know) with our beautiful kids around and we both were well aware of what’s most important in life – our family.

You can read all about the man in his own words (which includes a cheeky little section on yours truly!).

That is the kind of role model that inspires me, someone who balances what he loves to do for a living with a keen eye always on what’s best for his kids.

I’ve just loved the past 3 weeks around Australia doing what I love to do for a living; singing and entertaining people, talking to a ton of interesting folk and listening to their unique stories.  And I look forward to getting back to the Incognito Artists team at HQ in London, and our performers around the globe, who are touching, moving and inspiring audiences so that they’re present to the magic of being alive (whether I’m there or not).

P.S. we like to hold on to our top spot of the No. 1 entertainment acts in the industry for years too, so check out acts page for how we’re constantly innovating and creating, way beyond our original singing waiters, to keep ahead of the curve…

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