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This week once again saw ‘The Society of British Award Ceremony Planners’ annual event at the beautiful Dorchester Ballroom in London.

The ‘AWARDIES’, as they’ve become known, honour the contribution of UK award ceremony organisers to UK award ceremonies. The lucky winners – who got to lift the coveted statue of a person lifting an award statue – are listed below.

Congratulations to all.


Best Heimlich Maneuver Performed on a Guest Who Tried to insert Half a Dead Cow into their mouth.

Runner Up:  Duncan Campbell / Association of British Psychiatrists – Catering provided by Johnson and Sons Premier Event Catering

Winner: Matt Dimbelby / Federation of Dental Surgeons – Catering provided by The Finishing Touch, Wimbledon

Worst Venue Choice

Runner Up: Chris Oberg / Association of British Headmasters – For The Landing Strip Gentleman’s Club, Heathrow Airport

Winner: Bjorn Strommland / National Association of Shipwreck Survivors – For booking a Thames river boat cruise

Worst Abuse of the ‘Free Bar’

Runner Up: Association of Particle Physicists (2 arrests)

Winner: Primary School Teacher of the year awards (3 arrests)

Worst Entertainment Decision

Runner Up: Accountancy Professional of the year awards – For booking Spangles the World-Weary Magician

Winner: Federation for Ethics and Morality in British Society – For not investigating why their comedian ‘Blue’ Mike McAndrew has a colour in his title

Best Choice of Award Ceremony Theme Song

Runner Up:  ‘Here Comes The Sun’, by The Beatles – Federation of TV Weathermen

Winner: ‘Think I Better Leave Right Now’, by Will Young – Society of British Travel Agents

Worst Choice of Award Ceremony Theme Song

Runner Up: ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ by Britney Spears – Association of British Motor Insurers

Winner: ‘Sitting, Waiting, Wishing’ by Jack Johnson – RMT Transport Union Gala Dinner

Most Ironic Moment

Runner Up: The power cut at the Society of Lighting Engineers Awards

Winner: Psychic of the Year awards being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances

Glaring Error of the Year

Runner Up: Invitations typo error – British Association of Pawn Brokers fifth annual gala dinner

Winner: Live display gone awry – Beekeeper of the year awards


Shameless Corporate Sponsorship Award

Winner: The Slattersley-Clarke Regional Lawyer of the Year Award – won by Mike Slattersley-Clarke

Longest Period without Sleep for an Event Manager

Winner: Sarah Brightwell / Event Edge – 3 days, 20 hours, 15 minutes, 34 seconds (new UK record)

Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner: Steve Rogers / Society of British Award Ceremony Planners – For organising more award ceremony awards than any other award ceremony award organiser

Whatever happens at your event, best of luck from all the team at Incognito Artists

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