Amazing Grace How Sweet The Sound

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We are thrilled to see London and the UK back on its feet, getting busy LIVING.  The streets, restaurants and theatres are packed again with people enjoying each other and the world class products on offer by talented experts.

Surely we’ve realised we can’t just worry about covid when it’s scientifically proven that unfortunately cancer, suicide, road deaths or heart attacks haven’t gone away in lockdowns or due to Government restrictions.  We live with risk and loss every day, that’s part of being human and alive.  We need to do what the UK is great at: keep calm and carry on.

We’re beyond grateful to have gigs again, to be allowed to do what we love to do, to be allowed to employ performers again, to be allowed to be booked by clients again, to be allowed to sing, dance, act and spread the LOVE.


Oh, the joy.  It’s literally indescribable.

Here are our Incognito Artists performers in action again, celebrating love, hope, family and friends over recent days, where the joy was palpable…

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