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GoodLife Don’t you just love it when you laugh so hard, you nearly wet your pants. The Incognito office team went to watch Dirty Rotten Scoundrels the musical at the Savoy Theatre in London last night.  Our former creative director, Darren Bennett, was playing the lead. What a triumph! We all agreed it was the funniest show we have seen for a very, very long time! We were laughing all the way through the show and at the curtain call, the audience rose – as one – to salute the incredible performance. Laughing really is the best stress-busting release ever! Check out this great little quote over a photo of very smiley, happy clients responding to our performance at a wedding. Get your laughing gear on, engage in office banter, have some fun and shed wrinkles at the same time… laughter really is the best medicine.  And hugs – but I digress.

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