3 Tips for Ensuring a Successful Company Christmas Party

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Your Christmas countdown has officially begun and we are here to help point you in the right direction! If it’s your job to organise your company Christmas party then we already know you’re ready for a challenge! Whether you have locked in your venue and have finalised the guest list or whether you are only just getting started, don’t worry – our 3 tips for ensuring a successful party for your company will help you tick those ribboned boxes!

Choose a unique venue

Your party venue is the backdrop to your event and booking the right one is an extremely important job to tick off your list! Your guests and colleagues will have fun at a Christmas party, yes. But they will never forget an unusual Christmas party and it is a stand-out and unique venue that will make you stand out. Think outside the box this year – book the right venue and you’ll have an inspired and exciting planning process like no other!

Do not skimp on the entertainment!

So many of our clients have confessed to feeling relieved that they committed to booking the right entertainment for their event. They took the risk and spent the budget when at times they wanted to play it safe. Having been in the entertainment industry for 20 years now, we understand that every event has a budget. It is not about spending all of of it on entertainment, but it is about prioritising what makes an event special, different, unique and memorable. A venue will impress people, but booking the right entertainment will WOW people. As soon as you send the invites out, people know the location of the party, but with the entertainment, you can keep this surprise under lock and key until the big reveal! Offer the unexpected this year and give your colleagues and clients an experience like no other!

Try a theme!

How many unusual Christmas parties have you attended? If you can count them on one hand, then you know you have a job to do and you have an opportunity to impress even the most un-impressionable! If your venue works well with a theme then go with it! Christmas party themes are hugely popular and can inspire everyone involved. Whether you’re a dedicated Abba fan, can;t stop rocking out to Queen or you’re obsessed with The Greatest Show, we have everything you could possibly want and need! Whatever the taste and style – we’re ready to turn your plans into reality.

Now there’s nothing left to do but surpass the company Christmas party expectations and blow everyone away with your sensational party ideas this season! Click on the links for more info on our West End shows and West End/Broadway and Opera stars!

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