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Robb Report - Malaysia

This week I was in Kuala Lumpur, city of wonder and enchantment, in Malaysia to perform at the stunning and glitzy launch of the unique, billionaires’ magazine, ‘The Robb Report’.
The Robb Report started as an American, English-language, luxury-lifestyle magazine featuring products, like automobiles, real estate and watches, for affluent connoisseurs. In addition to featuring luxury products to spend your limitless cash on, the magazine also suggests travel plans and things to do for that ‘money can’t buy’ experience.  The magazine is international with editions including Arabia, Russia,  Kazakhstan, Turkey,  China, Brazil,  Spain, India,  Vietnam, Singapore and now Malaysia.  Incognito Artists has been lucky enough to perform at a few of these amazing launches – see above for proof that I’m not just making it up.  It gives us an amazing insight to what life must be like for the Clooneys and Pitts, et al, of this world!

At this sublime launch, each of the guests dined on exotic cuisine; caviar from remote lands of Vietnam, the finest, biggest truffles from Italy, and an exquisite array of desserts from candy-coated Cinderella carriages to praline chocolate Cuban cigars.

The array of ‘gifts’ and opportunities available to purchase on display in the magazine were eye-wateringly unbelievable, with unbelievable price tags to match.

The main talking point of the evening came when the host brought the chef, and sous chef, out from the kitchen to be given a well-deserved round of applause.  Before I go on, we were NOT masquerading as the chef at this event! So, the sous chef then surprised the guests by taking the opportunity to propose to his model girlfriend in front of the distinguished crowd. You can imagine the result: happy girlfriend, happy sous chef, and the ladies were in tears at the romance of the whole situation.  It was the perfect environment to party, and with Incognito Artists involved we ensured what followed was an eclectic mix of fun, laughter and song with all the guests singing and dancing along!

We felt like rockstars for the whole trip.  And I loved it!

But you know, what do billionaires and beggars have in common?

No matter how much money you do, or don’t have, we all want awesome experiences that you can’t put a price on.  As we know, ‘awesome’ experiences can be defined in so many ways.

Money can’t buy happiness or satisfaction – or great health.  (Although from what I can tell from Malaysia this week, there’s plenty of people giving it their best shot).

So even though we aren’t all subscribers to the incredible Robb Report, yet we can dream, we can all feel grateful for every gift we have in our lives, financial or otherwise.

Which is very appropriate, speaking of feeling thankful for gifts, as its Christmas in two weeks’ time!

Enjoy every minute of the festive build-up,

P.S. All the performers who work for Incognito Artists are ‘stars’, fresh from leading roles in the West End, on Broadway and in world class touring productions, which means we can guarantee the highest quality of what we do. To witness just how talented our performers are, we’re giving you the opportunity to see some of them perform in the vastly entertaining West End musical, Made in Dagenham, at the Adelphi Theatre, London. Described as ‘an utter, joyous, heartfelt smash’ and ‘a conveyor belt of raucous fun’, one lucky participant will receive two tickets to enjoy this hilarious show.  To be in with a chance of winning, it’s very simple. All you need to do is follow @incognitoartist and tweet us to say whom the tickets will be for and why they (or you!) deserve it. A Christmas present, maybe someone needs cheering up or they simply need a great night out, doing what London is so good at? Whatever the reason, we’d love to hear from you.
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