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Subterfuge, intrigue, cheeky surprises… it’s our forte.


After 17 years, we’re trusted old friends. Our clients voted us the No.1 surprise entertainment act in the world; we were the first to do singing waiters in the UK and we deliberately created the ‘incognito’ element, proving any masquerade is possible, limited only by imagination!


We do more than singing waiters now – we can provide singers masquerading as waiters of course, or any other clever ruse, but we also create bespoke shows according to different themes and clients’ needs or desires in any location in the world. We still love throwing in the element of surprise and subterfuge because it always generates an open-mouthed, incredulous joyous response – which is infectious -and  it lifts the atmosphere in the room beyond all expectations.


Whether you want a waiter, guest and security guard at your anniversary dinner party or whether you want Andrea Bocelli, and a concert with showgirls in St Moritz (with a few surprises thrown in) we can do it all.


Some of our most memorable ‘masquerades’ have included a priest at a wedding, a mascot at a football match, a motivational speaker at a conference, a jilted lover at a wedding, a toy-boy boyfriend to the mother of the bride, a magician, a stripper at the Stag Night, a DIY expert at a trade show, a catwalk model, a policeman, an art auctioneer, a photographer on the rugby pitch,  or a hypnotist…. And that’s just so far.


“A total WOW! I have never seen a bunch of women laugh so hard for so long. All the guests there were totally surprised that their waiter could sings with such clarity and emotion. You just didn't want him to stop.... A memorable time was had by all and the event was made by Incognito” 

Olly Cockroft

It was fantastic – even people who weren’t there have now heard about you guys and want to know more. The ‘set’ worked beautifully and I’ve heard so many hilarious stories about people’s reactions. Guests fell for it hook, line and sinker – exactly the reaction we wanted!’

The Orange Tree, Malta

‘You took everyone by surprise and gave our special event that extra ‘wow’ factor. Can’t believe that you got all 400 of the guests onto their feet to dance and sing along with you!

Reed Executive






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