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Meet the office stars behind Incognito Artists

Movers, shakers and music makers

Geoff Sewell

Global CEO & International Superstar

I am the guy at the top of the mast ‐ finding the way, showing the way and then getting out of the way – to let my awesome office team and performers work their magic! Oh, and I sing a bit as well. (Just don’t ask me to dance).

Simone Lanham

Owner & Brand Guardian

Working on the Board and across the company, words and visuals are my thing and making sure our brand of excellence is reflected in everything we do.  I’m also a certified Health Coach so wellbeing is more than just a ‘trend’ at Incognito Artists, it’s a way of life.

Tim Rogers

Creative Guru

I’ve been with Incognito Artists since its conception. I know every aspect of the company and combine this with my International performing career, resulting in a truly unique ability to create your perfect event. Adrian is the Laurel to my Hardy and has a kinesthetic link to my superhuman creative power; satisfaction guaranteed.

Adrian Smith

Creative Guru

With over 20 years’ experience in all areas of the entertainment business, including Musicals, Film, TV, Stage, Concerts and Presenting, as well as a legendary eye for detail, I am the “Sundance Kid” to Tim Rogers’ “Butch Cassidy”. Our creative bro-mance will take your event to heights you never even dreamed of.


Katherine Paterson

Sales Master

Over the phone or face to face, I’m here to provide the best solution for your entertainment needs. I also oversee internal logistics, operations and finance. I’m thrilled to be part of such a passionate and creative team. The outstanding feedback we get from gigs is what makes our job worthwhile. We love making a difference! Prior to Incognito Artists, after graduating with my degree, I worked at Quintessentially Events and the Soho House Group.

Charlotte Neales

Brand Warrior

I deal with all of the logistics for every awesome event. Whether it’s travel arrangements, timings or costumes I’ll liaise with you to make sure everything runs smoothly. As they say, ‘the devil is in the detail’.

Claire Sewell

Consultant & Coach

My first introduction to working with this incredible company was taking the brand to the American market, working from their newly opened New York office.  What a five year baptism of fire that was!  Today I am a Performance and Motivation Coach and I consult to Incognito Artists, helping them continue to exude their energy, creativity and connection levels across all aspects of the business.  Taking people from ‘ordinary to extraordinary’ is what I’m passionate about so it’s a perfect fit that I’m working with a company who embodies this mantra for their events!

Jeremy Stolle

USA Creative Guru

Living in NYC, I’m the Creative Manager for the USA, I perform in Bravo Amici whenever I can and I’m an 8-year veteran of Broadway’s Phantom of the Opera, with over 3000 performances, as the Phantom, Raoul, or Piangi.  I’m also busy with solo projects, my new album yet my two gorgeous kids are my finest work.

Our values and the way we like to rock and roll



We don’t like to toot our own horn. But toot, toot! We’re the best in the business and that’s because we have the highest professional standards of conduct and performance, in every area.



Constant creation and innovation is our true north. It runs through everything we do.



We say, we do.



Song, dance and bants. We have a blast in the office and on stage and we’ll make sure you do too!



We love you, truly, madly, deeply. Let’s face it; we’d be nothing without you (and we wouldn’t want to be).

Meet some of the stage stars who front Incognito Artists

Singers, dancers, innovators and creators

Simon Bailey
Jersey Boys
Marianne Benedict
Darren Bennett
Singing in the Rain
Sinead Kenny
West Side Story
Claire Doyle
High Society
Travis Nesbitt
Altar Boyz
Helen Power
Tim Rogers
Jesus Christ Superstar
Adrian Smith
Starlight Express
Charlotte Gooch
Top Hat
Jeremy Stolle
Phantom of the Opera
CJ Johnson
The Three Musketeers
Anna Woodside
Sunset Boulevard
Mark Goldthorp
Avenue Q
Kara Hayworth
The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Matt Rawle
Yvette Robinson
Emma Clifford
Mamma Mia
Betsy DiLellio
How to Succeed
Sarah Bakker
Mrs Henderson Presents

Years in Business




Our History

Formed in 2000 by Geoff Sewell and Simone Lanham, Incognito Artists is an entertainment agency providing a wide variety of incredible acts which involve charismatic and professional singers and dancers in bespoke 'Incognito' performance packages for corporate events, private parties, weddings, barmitzvah's and stadium events. You name it - we've done it.

Our first team!

Tenors Incognito was born. Geoff, Tim and Stuart Pendred were the first official line-up to melt hearts and blow minds.

Elton John's White Tie & Tiara Ball

The first gig to blow our minds! Performing for a crowd like this was insane. Unforgettable.

Here come the girls...

The Three Tenors were much loved, Tenors Incognito was going down a storm, but no one was doing a female version or mixing it up. Step up Divas Incognito to take Incognito to another level...

The FA Cup Final

Tenors & Divas sang the FA Cup Final anthem, Abide With Me, and God Save the Queen on the pitch at the Millennium Stadium in Wales in front of an audience of 80,000 and millions on TV worldwide.

Amici forever signed to RCA Victor and BMG

Geoff and Simone co-created the world's first opera band (originally called Tenors & Divas). Geoff sang and Simone co-managed Amici and they went on to sell 3.5 million albums worldwide, have two No.1 albums and tour the world.

The first IA baby

In between globe trotting with Amici and running Incognito Artists, Simone and Geoff also welcomed the first IA baby, Sienna, into the fold.

We are Royal

We've performed for almost all members of the British Royal Family (and European, Middle Eastern and Malaysian royalty); special moments including HRH The Queen, Princes Charles, William and Harry, and Princess Anne.

Rugby mania in New Zealand

Geoff, Celia and Martin flew to NZ especially to entertain the crowd, Geoff sang the NZ anthem, before a nail-biting match to decide the winner of the Bledisloe Cup between NZ and Australia. Of course with Geoff singing the anthem, NZ won!

Get this party started with Pink

Performing with Pink and Beyonce in the South of France was a highlight... A-list stars are definitely a fun part of the job; we still get starstruck. Discretion is key so photos are rare!

No. 1 DVD in NZ

Geoff Sewell and Incognito Artists (Tim, Emma, Celia, Martin and Darren) toured New Zealand, filmed the concerts, released it, had a ton of fun, met all the Sewell/Lanham whanau, and earned a No.1 DVD on the NZ charts in the process!

10th Anniversary

A glorious night at the beautiful and historical Wax Chandlers Hall in London, reminiscing and celebrating (exceptional entertainment, of course) with clients, family and friends. (Quick history lesson: The Wax Chandlers Company is one of the City of London livery companies, and the Hall is located on a site owned since 1501).

The first IA wedding

Tenor Mark Goldthorp met Diva Kirsty Hoiles across a crowded room at an Incognito gig... and the rest is history. They married in January 2012 and in between performing they've since created two beautiful babies too.

Spectacular in St Moritz

Fast forward to 2016: In the playground of St.Moritz, over three days, we sprinkled glitter and IA magic over a special 40th wedding anniversary with an eclectic mix of entertainment - which we arranged - to dazzle and delight the guests. Andrea Bocelli was the headline act (and his little daughter also charmed us all).

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